Graceful Glamour inspires confidence and joy through beautification with permanent makeup, lashes

Permanent makeup in Mesa, eyelash and hair extensions, and skin care

Graceful Glamour - Inspiring confidence and joy through beautification

Welcome to Graceful Glamour in Mesa

At Graceful Glamour we specialize at inspiring confidence and joy through beautification! The goal is to enhance your own, natural, unique beauty so you feel your best, most confident you - all day, every day! 

You live a busy life style. Life changes quickly - several times each day, and you want to feel and look great at home, work, school, in the gym, on the field/court, out for dinner, etc. Whether you are by yourself, with your special someone, family, friends, co-workers or in public you deserve to look and feel great. And then the time; where do you find the time to constantly keep fresh and look your best?  Let Graceful Glamour help you look your very best, all day, every day, with minimal upkeep from you.     

About Us

The Best Technique & Artistry

Graceful Glamour uses the best permanent makeup technique and artistry to inspire confidence and joy

Rachael Price, the owner of Graceful Glamour in Mesa, has over 15 years of experience in beautification. Rachael Price is a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician and hennatician, with certifications in areas of specialty from prestigious, nationally-recognized leaders in the industry. Rachael is dedicated to perfection and acquires new education from leading, national experts annually to bring the very best to each customer. 

Permanent makeup or permanent cosmetics is serious business. You want someone, like Rachael, who is trained and experienced to understand both the technique and artistry that is imperative for great results. Rachael Price applies her knowledge of cosmetology and aesthetics so the treatment fits the larger goal of beautification. You want the shapes of your eyes, brows, lashes, and lips to be symmetrical, proportionate to our face and body, with the right density and color. As an example, Rachael specifically trained and has rich experience to understand color theory and the effect of your natural body on color so that your permanent makeup and cosmetics look beautiful for years to come. Without this, pigments can change overtime and you could become disappointed with the results. 

Rachael  also has extensive training in eyelash extensions and skin care treatments.


Rachael is inspired to make you look and feel your best, so you can live your life with confidence and joy!

One-On-One Personalized Service

Graceful Glamour provides one-on-one personalized beauty, makeup, lashes and skin care

Visit Graceful Glamour to see your private, luxury suite fitted with the finest, most comfortable, and advanced spa bed and supporting linens. A waiting area is outside the suite, so when you are receiving your treatment you have one-on-one attention from Rachael in a comfortably, quiet, and peaceful setting as music plays in the background and lightly scented aromatherapy scent wafting in the air. 

Most clients drift in and out of sleep while their treatment is taking place, and finish with a refreshed feeling and a look that is gracefully glamorous.  

You will be the envy of your family and friends!  

The Best Products, Tools and Supplies

Graceful Glamour uses premium makeup products, tools and supplies to inspire confidence and joy

Graceful Glamour uses a combination of the highest-quality, premium products, tools and supplies matched with the most current education, great skill and the desire to give you the highest level of confidence and beauty.  

You can feel confident because all supplies are 100% disposable and used by one client to ensure your safety. 

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