Hair Extensions in Mesa and Gilbert

Graceful Glamour cosmetologist shows HALOCOUTURE hair extensions

HaloCouture hair extensions, using 100% Remy Human Hair, extend your hair's length, add volume or enhance your color and also preserves your ability to color, style, and wash your extensions just as your natural hair.

Hair Extensions Services Provided By Graceful Glamour

Graceful Glamour in Mesa and Gilbert sells HALOCOUTURE® hair extensions, and provides consultations and fittings.

There is a large variety of hair extensions including length, colors, and styles to select from. Visit HALOCOUTURE to find out more.

Importance of Hair

Your face is the most important part of you, and hair can make you look like a totally different person. Now is the time to look your very best – all day, every day!

According to Arizona State University sociologist Rose Weitz, hair is important for three basic reasons. 

1. "It is personal - growing directly out of our bodies”,

2. "It is public - on view for all to see.”

3. “It is malleable - allowing us to change it more or less at whim.”

As a result, it's not surprising that we use our hair to project our identity and that others see our hair as a reflection of our identity.

Now you have the opportunity to enhance your beauty and personality with grace and ease. 

  • Are you looking for gorgeous, luxurious hair to use every day or for special occasions? 
  • Have you ever wished for long, fuller hair without the commitment of bonding, clipping, or gluing? 

Then HALOCOUTURE® hair extensions are the products for you!! HALOCOUTURE features 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions that add body, volume, and length in a matter of seconds. 

You can wear them daily or just for special occasions and remove them as easily as applying them. They are the basic equivalent to a full head of hair, adding about 70-120 grams of hair.

Graceful Glamour in Mesa is an authorized salon for HALOCOUTURE.

Look your best, save time, reduce stress, and live gracefully glamorous all day, every day. 

Call Graceful Glamour to schedule your appointment today and get your hair extensions in Mesa and Gilbert! 

HALOCOUTURE® Hair Extension FAQs

What is Remy hair extensions?

  • Remy hair extensions are the finest quality human hair available on the market today. Remy hair extensions refer to human hair that retains the cuticle layer, the outer most part of the hair strand, flowing in the same direction, flowing the way hair does naturally. The delicate process which maintains the cuticle in hair wefts is the key advantage of Remy hair keeping it soft and silky, smooth and shiny, long-lasting and tangle-free. Simply put, Remy Hair is gorgeous hair! HaloCouture is the very best among the Remy hair choices - the Rolls Royce of hair.

Will Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

  • We cannot speak for all hair extension products on the market, but we can confidently say that HALOCOUTURE® Hair Extensions will NOT damage your hair. In fact, there is no complicated and lengthy process, no weaving, no clips, no glue. You won’t need to be planted in a chair for 7 hours. HaloCouture Extensions easily attaches with a miracle wire that is quickly customized to fit your head in just a few short minutes. The great news is that there is no sacrifice in quality or quantity. Now you have a real alternative that is truly quick and easy with the same satisfying results. You get a full, gorgeous head of hair in one HALO® Hair Extension without any of the concerns of damage to your natural hair.

I’ve Never Worn Extensions. Aren’t Extensions Expensive and Require a Long Term Maintenance Commitment?

  • You can beautifully transform your look with the rich fullness, silky texture and stylish design you have always dreamed about. Many other extension products require you to initially sit in a chair for 7 hours and require a substantial investment, only to have to return every 4 months for maintenance which is also costly. With HaloCouture Hair Extensions, you visit the stylist to get color matched, spend 10 minutes getting fitted and another 30 minutes to have the stylist blend your HaloCouture Hair Extensions in Mesa and you are set! No costly maintenance fees! And you can wear your extensions over and over!

Can I Color My HaloCouture Extensions?

  • Yes, you can deposit color. Because HaloCouture Hair Extensions are 100% Remy human hair, you or your stylist may color as you would your own hair. However, since some color brands may work differently, we recommend you test the color with a few strands in a discrete area of the Halo Extension first. Note, some colorists have found that washing and air-drying the HaloCouture Extensions prior to coloring helps the hair take the color more effectively. We do not recommend stripping the Halo Extension of color (bleach or lightening). We can not guarantee the outcome of this and it could dry out the Halo Extension or possibly ruin it.

Can I Style & Blend My Hair Extensions?

  • Yes, because HaloCouture Extensions are 100% Remy human hair, you or your stylist may style as you would your own hair.